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smoking expenses

Quit Smoking Save Money

As most smokers know, smoking is usually an incredibly expensive habit. To quit smoking means to save money. However, the need and addiction to smoke can overri... Read More
why quit smoking

Why Quit Smoking?

Why does anyone quit smoking cigarettes, cigars or another varieties of tobacco? For some, it might be doctor's orders that caused smoker to quit. For others, i... Read More
herbs to quit smoking

Herbs to Quit Smoking

Smoking is extremely addictive and once you start it is very challenging to quit. Smoking causes a variety of cancers, heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.... Read More
quit smoking

How They Quit Smoking?

Many people, especially men, use the excuse that they can't quit smoking since they become too irritable, that their family or their spouse will leave them. How... Read More
gain weight

Quit Smoking and Gain Weight

It is a known fact that smoking is among the major reasons why one does not gain any weight. There are many individuals who will deny this fact although the exa... Read More

Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Nicotine is very addictive. I have been a smoker for 20 long years and I have attempted to give up smoking 3 times without result. However, with the price of ci... Read More
cold turkey tips

Cold Turkey Tips and Tricks

Here is a short list of proven to work cold turkey tips and tricks: Knowing and Forgiving Yourself Personally I think quitting cold turkey is the best way to ... Read More

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Tobacco is, along with alcohol, the most common of all available types of drugs. Smoking tobacco is incredibly popular today and spread among all human races. M... Read More
second hand smoke

Burdens of Smoking

Among lot of diseases caused by smoking lung and throat cancer are the most typical and most often. One third of all cancer patients fall into these two groups.... Read More
smoking during pregnancy

Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking during a pregnancy can make serious problems for a developing fetus and a lot of health campaigns are set up to develop awareness. Not all mothers decid... Read More
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