Burdens of Smoking

Among lot of diseases caused by smoking lung and throat cancer are the most typical and most often. One third of all cancer patients fall into these two groups. The rate of mortality in Female Smokers is 15 times greater than of non smoker females. In Male it makes up about 20 times more. Numbers don’t lie.

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Fact: Smoking costs the U.S. US$333 billion per year in health-care expenses and lost productivity to boot

Burdens of Smoking

The main problem related to smoking is diseases of Respiratory Tract or Airway. The diseases like bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchioles) are very frequent. The person experiencing this problems have a very miserable time with the disease because they have to face breathing problems , chronic cough, chest congestion and numerous other lung infections.

Difficult breathing is caused by obstructed bronchioles. Scar tissues and mucus (result of smoking ) stops the air from filling  lobes in the lungs and slowly and gradually the Pulmonary consolidation develops along with increased chances of the lung cancer. Due to dis-functioning of lungs the oxidation in the blood is not completed properly which affects the entire body.

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Fact: It’s completely legal for minors to smoke cigarettes in the U.S. and parts of Europe, but they can’t purchase them

Other disease caused due to excessive smoking is Emphysema. In this disease there is challenge with breathlessness. This disease comes under COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The likelihood of smoker to die with COPD are 10 times more than that of non-smoker. Thus the smokers will almost always be in the probability of Suffering form COPD.

The smoking can also be associated with Coronary Heart Diseases.The Smokers have odds of having Coronary Heart Disease four times compared to that of non-smokers. Their possibility of getting a stroke is twice than that of non-smokers. In addition to this, the situation connected with Skin cancer, Premature skin ageing, wrinkles, are more to those who smoke.

The diseases of Eye like Macular degeneration ,cataracts, damage in the optic nerve , diseases of mouth like cavities , tanning of tooth ,diseases of buccal cavity , throath, oesophagus etc occur with greater regularity to smokers as than non-smokers.

Consequences of Passive Smoking

The most ironic a part of smoking may be the relation to the health in the passive smokers that are unwillingly inhaling the fumes and being the victim of numerous health conditions related to smoking. The passive smokers are also suffering from problems related to lungs and heart like COPD, coronary heart disease and even lung cancers.

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Fact: About 69% of smokers want to quit completely

Usually passive smokers who inhale smoke at the job place or perhaps in their house, public venues etc, enhances their chances of getting cardiac problem by 25% – 30% and lung cancer by 20 %. Similarly, the youngsters who do passive smoking due to their parents’ or care takers’ habit increases their likelihood of getting diseases like bronchitis, Asthma , pneumonia, emphysema etc.

Safety Measures

These were certain details you may or may not know. But the main question is how should we protect ourselves from the effects of smoking and live a healthy life? Here are few handy tips:

1. Introducing anti-oxidant supplementation with your daily routine which is a must for smokers. As the smokers body produces more free-radicals which damages one’s body cells, anti-oxidant is a must to compensate the effects of poisons . Anti-oxidants are located in Citrus fruits, vegetables, nuts, food grains, poultry foods etc.

The best health supplement or  anti-oxidant supplement is CHYAWANPRASH. (This is an Ayurveda jam, made from combination of many herbs. Main ingredient is Alma one of the best anti-oxidants which is very beneficial to all, especially the smokers.

2. Amend few simple breathing exercises which one is able to do on daily basis. One such is blowing air to the balloon and then releasing mid-air. Continue the same procedure for few times. This exercise are very good for lungs.

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Fact: 15 billion cigarettes are smoked worldwide every day

3. Try to regulate the water balance in the body by drinking around 2 liters of water per day.

4. Among all of the points discussed above, the easiest method to get rid in the entire problem associated with smoking is always to QUIT SMOKING. Although this may be the hardest thing to do for any smoker there are two things a smoker must have in order to stop smoking cigarettes

* A. DESIRE the desire to quit smoking will be the first of all considerations that smoker has to develop, than only the other things will work accordingly.

* B. PLAN after developing the desire to stop smoking cigarettes, an effective plan is required. There are countless ways a smoker can stop smoking, and different people goes for different plans. Here the smoker has to come with a plan which he/she will follow and try to adapt to it fully.

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