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Quitting smoking is hard. I know from personal experience and I want to introduce you to Exit Strategy for Smoking. There are two things that I want to discuss today. First, in case you have made a decision to quit but you’ve sneaked a few drags (or more than few), what then? You are on the right path – don’t quit on quitting! Second, what to do whenever you crave a cigarette?

How to Handle the Cravings

There are actually plenty of ways to handle that cigarette craving. One approach may meet your needs initially, as well as a different approach may perform most optimally for you in later non smoking stages. Let me be the first to admit that they don’t help everyone on a regular basis. The important thing is that you keep trying.

The following is often a listing of suggestions, in no particular order. Read through them and find out what sticks in your thoughts. Ask yourself these questions: Which one would perform the best at the office? At home? With family? In traffic? Know your stress threshold triggers and counteract them. Develop your own Exit Strategy for Smoking.

exit strategy for smoking

Fact: 90% of lung cancer deaths among men and approximately 80% of lung cancer deaths among women are due to smoking

Exit Strategy for Smoking

  • Ignore the cravings. We all have random thoughts during the day. I read somewhere we can experience up to 50,000 random thoughts every day. If having a smoke comes into your random thoughts 10 or 20 times each day, who cares? Ignore it.
  • Acknowledge the craving. If you find that you simply can’t overlook the craving, acknowledge it. “Hi there, craving. You are not my friend. You may haunt me for a while and you may try to seduce me. I know that you are here and you are powerful, but I am stronger.” Put it in your individual words if these don’t exactly click together to you. Or visualize shunning the craving without the need for words. However you go about it, the idea remains: The craving can be there and you’re simply stronger!
  • Exercise. Exercise is great on countless levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually. You may want to replace your smoke break at the job with a ten minute walk. If you were capable to smoke without notice during your work day, do a few stretches, side steps, or arm curls if the cigarette craving hits. Also, begin a “regular exercise routine”. I put that in quotes because it doesn’t invariably need to be an organized program. Plan on having a minimum duration of activity each day, regardless of whether your schedule differs. Make it as much intense as you can handle. It can be as casual as walking the mall or as strenuous as driveway basketball together with your teenager.
  • Eat. Although this will not be the best way forward for all people, some should hear about it. If you accustomed to smoke your lunch, and you do not know how to proceed during that time, eat! If you’re 20 pounds underweight as you smoked rather than snacked, eat! Food can be a great distraction from cigarettes. (On the other hand, in the event you currently have a problem with being obese this is simply not the very best route for you personally.)
  • Distract yourself. Do you have a hobby that can not possibly involve smoking? If you don’t, choose one! It could be something to keep your hands busy, like crochet, so you couldn’t work with a project and smoke as well. Or it can be something outdoors in the non-smoking environment, as being in a club or in a class held in a public building.
  • Reward yourself. If you feel that you’ve really, really, fought those cravings, then go ahead and celebrate your success! Buy a new blouse or even a new power drill, as the case may be. Give yourself huge pat on the back! If you find it motivating tell yourself that there is a big prize (furniture, electronics, vacation) in the event you make it to some certain date.
  • Remember the reasons you quit smoking initially. What was your reason? Were you winded easily? Wheezy? Were you a slave to cigarettes? Did you, along with your house and car, stink? Are your teeth yellow? Was it the money? Did someone close ask you to stop? Has someone close to you suffered, or died, from a smoking-related illness? What was your reason? Write it down and keep it with you. When the impulse to smoke a cigarette hits, read your small note. Remember why it is advisable to quit smoking.
stop smoking strategy

Fact: More than 20 million Americans have died because of smoking since 1964, including approximately 2.5 million deaths due to exposure to secondhand smoke

Stop smoking. Yup, it’s that simple. When a craving hits do not forget that you decided to be a non-smoker, so don’t smoke.

Conclusion and Inspiration

Trust me, a craving for a cigarette goes away. Even in the event you don’t smoke a cigarette. Especially in case you don’t smoke a cigarette. (As you know, smoking begets smoking. It seems logical that quitting begets quitting. ) The longer you go without having a cigarette, more the cravings diminish. Some people report that the cravings never completely vanish, therefore it is essential to understand how to cope with them effectively. Good luck implementing your smoking exit strategy and have a healthy body!

Submitted by Marie, Rome, Italy


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