Herbs to Quit Smoking

Smoking is extremely addictive and once you start it is very challenging to quit. Smoking causes a variety of cancers, heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. It is extremely important to accomplish whatever you started and to stop smoking for your health. There are lots of ways to quit smoking including cold turkey, patches, nicotine gum, inhalers, prescription drugs, natural home remedies, and herbs. Try these herbs if you wish to quit smoking.

What Herbs Will Help You Stop Smoking?

A Herbal Formula

There is definitely an herbal formula you’ll be able to mix up yourself and place below your tongue to calm cigarette cravings. To use this herbal formula, you will have to mix inside the following herbs;

Every time you do have a longing for a cigarette, place six drops of the herbal formula under your tongue to assist calm cravings.

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon Bark is definitely a popular herb employed in Chinese herbal formulas to aid person quit smoking. It is widely employed in herbal cigarettes and as among the ingredients in herbal aroma inhalers like a give up smoking aid. Cinnamon bark is quite safe and will be utilized in foods as a spice. It can be found in supermarkets.

herbs to quit smoking

Fact: Youth who smoke are more likely to develop asthma


Lobelia can also be generally known as Indian Tobacco or puke weed. It has been employed for centuries because of its medicinal properties. Lobelia is an excellent herb to use to stop smoking cigarettes given it contains the same properties as nicotine does in relaxing the person using it. Although it is much safer than nicotine, it lets you adopt some negative effects you should be cautious of. These unwanted effects include nausea, dizziness, and light-headedness. What is good about Lobelia is when using it as a quit smoking aid it can trick a smokers’ mind into thinking they’re smoking a genuine cigarette a lot more often than not.


Peppermint can also be used to stop smoking. The whole herb is used due to its non-toxic properties. Peppermint is often a main ingredient in quit smoking Chinese formulas. It is also good remedy to take care of common cold as well as a headache induced by heat because of its cooling sensation.

Argemone Mexicana

This herb is a bright yellow and flowery poppy plant grown in Mexico. Argemone Mexicana grows wild in open and sunny places. You can use this herb to aid you give up smoking by drinking it as a tea. The seeds growing this plant can be found in many garden supply stores and it is possible to have an endless supply of this plant because once the leaves are cut to generate a tea, new branches are grown with the additional light sprout from your stem. Remember to dry the leaves before using them in a tea.

Herbs are one of natural ways to help you quit smoking. Additional ways are acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis.

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