How to Break Smoking Habit

As a faithful smoker of 17 years (even through pregnancies), I have finally managed to break my smoking habit. Here are my tips:

Dealing With Smoking Habit

Don’t Fight Yourself

I noticed immediate anxiety, stress, and internal conflict arose if this was time to fight an urge. Rather that put my body over the familiar routine (which always lead to smoking), I decided never to fight myself. If I wanted to smoke that bad, I would lit. Within seconds, I knew I didn’t want the cigarette and put it out. However, I did not smoke in my usual places. I chose one of the most uncomfortable spots for smoking. For example, I could only smoke outside if it is cold. If I was drinking my coffee and wanted a cigarette, I was required to wait until I finished my walk before I could lit the cigarette. While avoiding the inner conflict, I was breaking my normal habits as well.

Rest and Fluids

Keeping busy is among most critical steps that can be carried out to aid a smoker giving up on smoking. However, it’s incredibly important to relax. First, a lot of smoking has brought a harsh toll on the human body. Fortunately, healing begins during the last puff. The body heals best with rest, sleep, and fluids. Vitamin C is an excellent way to obtain healing power and water can flush toxins from the body quickly. In addition, fatigue increases the urge to smoke because nicotine is really a stimulant. Fatigue can be a trigger of nicotine urges. Nap once the body says its tired.


After dinner or when stress starts to arise, the thought of a cigarette quickly appears in the mind. It is the habit and this thought has to be replaced. I began by consuming one M&M each time the idea of smoking got into my mind. The pleasure derived from a little bit of chocolate (just one, for the reason that pleasure response inside brain decreases with increased chocolate) soon replaced my thought of having a cigarette with a desire to have yet another little part of chocolate. When the pleasure response from chocolate did start to diminish, I replaced it with a different type of candy, and after that finally with a simple deep breath.

Stay on Tracks

Break smoking Habit

Fact: More than 33,000 nonsmokers die every year in the United States from coronary heart disease caused by exposure to secondhand smoke

Kicking the smoking habit is one of probably the most difficult things to accomplish, however it can be achieved successfully. Keep in mind, quitting is a process, not a one time deal. It takes time. Make a list of those around you who have quit and do remember; they also were required to deal with the same situation. The discomfort from the moment is quite normal.

You will eventually learn how to deal with every single step in the mental and physical process of transforming into a non-smoker. I am very proud to express that I have solved my smoking problem in a rather pain free manner and without added stress to my family.

I hope my tips were actually helpful to you. If I could do it…YOU can do it!

Submitted by Rose Chin, Upper Marlboro, MD

Image: Gitam-BBDO

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