How to Quit Smoking for Good

As I approached my 45th birthday, I realized that I was now a middle-aged man who had been smoking for 25 years. I knew I had to find something that would help me kick the addiction once and for all. I read several articles and books on how to quit smoking, but nothing I read seemed to keep me from going back to cigarettes.

Nicotine Patches and Gums Seem to Fuel the Addiction

I tried the nicotine patches and gums, but for me, I found that it almost made my cravings worse. The nicotine in these products seemed to make me think about cigarettes more than when I had attempted a cold-turkey quit in the past. I even tried herbs and meditation, but nothing I did seemed to free me from the addiction.

I Knew I Could Quit, I Just Couldn’t Stay Quit

Two things I knew for sure, I could quit smoking but I couldn’t stop going back to cigarettes. I felt like I was constantly on a quit smoking quest only to end up right back where I started from. I lost count of the number of times I actually quit smoking and every time I swore that this time would stick. It always seemed like as soon as I would quit, I would have a stressful life event occur. Of course, I would begin rationalizing to myself that this wasn’t a good time to quit because of my stress level. The self-talk to end the quit and start smoking again are comical looking back, but at the time, it didn’t take much for me to light up again.

quit smoking for good

Fact: Smoking just five cigarettes a day can double your chance of a heart attack

Months and Years Passed Between Attempted Quits

After a failed quit smoking attempt, I would shrug it off and try not to think about it. Sometimes I would go months or even a couple of years before I would attempt to quit again. I knew I wanted to be free from an addiction that ruled my day. From the moment I woke up in the morning, I would begin to plan my day around the times I would be able to get a quick smoke in.

Finding Something Interesting

I was home alone one evening and decided once again to search for advice online on how to quit smoking. It seemed like many of the same articles I read a few years earlier were still posted! I was just about ready to call it a night when something caught my attention. I landed on a site with a book titled, “Quit Smoking for Good! Get Rid of that filthy habit and never go back to it AGAIN!” Something about it resonated with me and so I read a bit more, bookmarked the page and went to bed.

Fact: 53.000 non-smokers die every year from secondhand smoke

The next day, I thought about the book and decided to purchase it. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose at that point. The book made a lot of sense to me and went into detail about what is going on in your body when you smoke and what happens when you quit. The book’s unique insights on how to handle cravings and getting family support made complete sense to me. One thing I failed to do when I quit in the past was to find any kind of support, I always felt like it was my problem and I’d deal with it, alone. Obviously, that didn’t work out very well for me.

I Finally Broke the Addiction

After finishing the book, I think I finally understood myself better, why I smoked, why it was so hard to free myself from the addiction, and how I could quit smoking for good. I used the book’s advice and resources and set my cold-turkey quit date. Something felt different this time, as if I was armed with a knowledge I never had before, which empowered me before my quit date.

*You can get the book here

I kept my quit smoking date and I just celebrated three years of being 100% free from cigarettes! After so many attempts and failures, it was the advice, resources, and guidance the book provided that finally made my quit stick! I have recommended the book to family members and friends because it is the only thing that helped end my 25-year addiction!

Good Luck and God Bless!

Luke Matthews

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