How to Quit Smoking When Pregnant?

The first thing your doctor will explain if you get pregnant is usually to quit smoking, quit drinking coffee, and review your food intake. The coffee I do understand, as my daughter’s child would become extremely hyper soon after she had coffee or drank soda. Watching your food intake is a great idea too, gained pregnancy weight is often tough to loose.

Quit Smoking When Pregnant

Fact: In children secondhand smoke causes ear infections

The Problem

The biggest problem is usually to stop smoking. Smoking is not good for you personally and bad for the child in particular. We all have heard of it and seen it on TV, so there is no need to hash everything out again here.

Trying to quit smoking is hard for many, and if you are one of many lucky ones that can just quit, appreciate it. The first way to give up is usually to just stop it. Don’t even finish the rest of the pack you’ve got started, don’t even have that particular last one.

The last one you are to smoke, the very last one, usually brings up an additional one, or perhaps you decide to begin in the morning, or finish these, and another pack after another. And eight months later, you’re sitting in the park, together with your bigger than life belly, legs apart as your belly is usually to big to close them if you sit, leaned back and slouched down as the bench is uncomfortable on your back, with a cigarette relating to the fingers, pressed to your lips, smoke swirling around your head. Pretty picture, aye?

So if you possibly could just throw them out, or hand the cigarettes to your doctor before you even walk out of his office, keeping in mind you are not doing this for yourself but for the baby. Some believe it is easy to do, just walking away. Others have a difficult experience. Some say if you didn’t inhale you can quit easier. I used to smoke, when I was with friends. I could go on it or let it sit, and I didn’t inhale. So when baby was on the way, it was an end for me. What is amazing is everyone around me still smoked, and I think they smoked heavier than ever before.

Here are some tips that may help you to stop. Some may appear foolish, but they have worked for me and for the others. Your doctor could also have suggestions which might be helpful. Other mom’s that do not smoke may also have guidelines to give you. You are not alone, so do not think its just you.

Quit Smoking Pregnant

Fact: 8.6 million people live with a serious illness caused by smoking

Keep Something in Your Mouth

Have something different to perform along with your hands and mouth. A pencil or other item the dimensions of a cigarette that is certainly safe to use orally often helps. It’s not just the addiction, it is the habit of having something with your fingers and inside your lips. Doing this will trick the body into thinking your actually going through the process. Even so you might use unlit cigarette for this, but it may be just too tempting.

Time yourself

If you smoke a pack each day, and you also sleep eight hours, you might be smoking about two an hour. Get a timer. Set it for 45 minutes and don’t light before this. If you get the itch to make it happen along with the timer hasn’t gone off, make a move. Sort or fold laundry, do the dishes, clean the toilet, go outside and walk around. Tomorrow set the timer to one hour instead 45 minutes. Keep it for 48 hrs, then hold yourself for an hour and a quarter. Long time to hold back?

Back to the Kitchen

Bake something, cook something, walk someplace. Keep your brain busy. Every day add another quarter-hour. Before you know it you’re going two hours. At this stage, jump to a few hours, then four. In less than a month, you will notice that you happen to be not smoking.

Keep Reminding Yourself

Stop Smoking When Pregnant

Fact: Men with prostate cancer who smoke may be more likely to die from the disease than nonsmokers

Hang pictures of babies with birth defects due to smoking. Babies that are on oxygen or perhaps neonatal intensive care units with tubes down their tiny little noses because they can’t breath independently. Hang an image of an healthy baby alongside it, and hang them over so they really are always there. And change them often with new ones. This will help you to not become accustomed to that picture being there.

In the car, you can also have pictures taped for the dash or visor. Keep a visual of it around you at all times. Read about all the dangers and make your mind refreshed often.

Find a craft to do, something inexpensive. I am currently making one of several biggest money makers I have ever done. I am making potholders from washcloths. They are cheap and from Walmart, with pretty cloth that I utilized to result in the edging and a pumpkin shape that gets sewed on the center of each and every one. They only cost about a buck each to make, and I sell them for three bucks. Pretty good money, and they’re simple and fast to make. Learn to paint, crochet, do projects with plastic canvas, just as long as it keeps you just busy.

Come With a Plan

Make a plan as to what you’re going to do for your day. If you are work at home mom, after you get your hubby on work, in case you haven’t had breakfast, help it make. And create a nice setting where you intend to eat. Then, start your morning chores, sit watching your favorite show, walks, long soaking baths, hot showers, whatever you desire except that cancer stick.

Light candles. The scent of a candle is pleasing, and if you smoke, you do not truly get the whole thing. Smoking limits your taste as well as your smell. So burn candles and enjoy the fragrance. If you have a house brimming with smokers, these will even allow you to take away the smell of the cigarettes around you. They also have smokers candles, that get rid of the smell with the cigarettes from your room, and they have air spray designed for this too.

If you might have others in the home that smoke, or company that does, either remove yourself from it, or ask them not to. Most people understand. Make a comfortable place for smokers to go outside, with ash trays available. This is a nice gesture from you, so you will discover that people don’t really mind. If they get angry, they may not be very good friends. And mention that they must be really addicted to the cigarettes since they get angry over you asking them never to smoke inside your home, and that’s a bad thing. Maybe you’ll find you have someone to work with that is quitting too.

Stop Smoking Pregnant

Fact: More than 16 million people already have at least one disease from smoking

Find Quitting Company

Finding another person who’s quitting or will quit together with you. Or maybe anyone who has quit that will assist you through this. Working in pairs is often more fun, and you are able to find something to complete together, such as getting a walk together, going towards the cafe and drinking decaffeinated coffee, have a class together, anything you are able to do with someone is better than doing it alone.

Find other names for cigarette to use. Names which can be not appealing, or ideas which are not appealing. Cancer stick is my personal favorite, you may want to use baby killers. Look on the web about making cigarettes and think about it. Read about the filters, and that you might be sucking in fibers every time you take a drag. Remember the gross stuff, the nasty smell, your breath, your teeth, the smell on you, the yellow in between your fingers. Take everything in, please remember that you do not want to be the soccer mom that sits on the bench with that thing in your hand, and scaring away all the other moms and their kids.

If you believe it is hard to quit, just remember that it must be an addiction, and throw in the towel. You are indeed stronger than that cancer stick you love so much. Smokers are getting to be much less common. They are the minority when it comes for the smokers vs. the non smokers. They have become far and few between, and however, there will always be smokers, it’ll seem nice becoming a a part of people who don’t.


Image sources: King Solutions KB, Stockholm, Sweden, Rising Tendril of Smoke by Don Farrall on Getty Images, Tarakkeskin

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