How to Successfully Quit Smoking?

Trying to quit smoking is like attempting to find a needle in a hay stack. The good news is that it could be accomplished by trying with enough concentration. There are tones of websites and articles that fill the world wide web with things regarding how to quit smoking and yet you are probably still fighting your smoking demon.

I am a fourth generation smoker and I have successfully quit, but I consider myself a smoker because I still have the cravings. Important is that I refuse to take another cigarette.

I smoked for over a decade starting in a young age and my dad quit after smoking for forty-one years. Quitting smoking can be done if you really  commit yourself. These tips and tricks I personally use and great thing is that my dad had used ’em too.

how to quit smoking

Fact: Babies who breathe secondhand smoke are sick more often with bronchitis, pneumonia, and ear infections

How to Quit Smoking

Make a Wish

Before you even try to quit smoking you must want to give up, or else you will be doomed before you even start. If you think you don’t really need to stop smoking cigarettes, wait until you do. Once you decide to stop, get all the information possible about quitting so you can be best prepared.


There is certainly nothing wrong with asking for help, doesn’t matter how big or small it is. My dad give up smoking cold turkey and I don’t recommend this, I tried it and felt nervous and anxious constantly. After having a go cold turkey, I then tried a different methods, like the stop smoking patch. The patch kind of worked. It says on the package not to smoke while on the patch but just like a smoker, I had to get a cigarette. The patch did assist me to to lessen my cigarette intake though. I went from two packs per day into ten cigarettes per day.

My conclusion on these give up smoking products is that they can certainly assist you to lessen your cigarette intake but they may not allow you to give up smoking altogether. This, considering the price of cigarettes plus the price of the patches ends up quite pricey.

Oral Satisfaction

Candy has become a great friend of mine. I don’t just mean any candy though; peppermints are perfect for that smoking urge. The way that it functions is any time you need a cigarette, pop a peppermint in your mouth. The good news is that it could be extremely effective with cravings by offering you something orally and also, it has the taste that will make the craving disappear. The bad news is that it may make you to get weight or even hurt you in case you have any medical condition where you have to limit your candy intake.

Get Rid of the Tools

Lose all your cigarettes. Come on, you want to know how to quit smoking, right? Go ahead and just throw them away. If you have them available, the impulse can overwhelm you. Dump all ashtrays and lighters too. Keeping just one cigarette in an emergency must be avoided. Just one cigarette might cause you to definitely relapse and do more harm than good.

Get Up!

Get up and clean or exercise when you’ve got those urges. Doing something physical will assist you to keep your mind off of it. My house was deeply cleaned every single day for around 30 days while I was coping the withdrawals.

Fight Back

The cravings will most likely only last for a short while so fight it! Breathing clean air, drinking water, brushing your teeth, sucking on a mint, chewing gum…these are generally all answers to how to quit smoking and deal with the cravings questions.


If you’re used on holding something with your hand, like a cigarette, try something else. I walked around with a straw in my hand and quite often chewed it because it was like having a cigarette without all of the bad stuff.

how to quit

Fact: More than 100,000 of the smoking-caused deaths over the last 50 years were of babies who died from SIDS

First 72 Hours

Nicotine leaves one’s body in approximately 72 hours so that it is claimed how the first 72 hours may be the hardest. No one ever said that wanting to give up smoking would be simple and easy but once you get past first 72 hours, it will become bearable.

Stand Up!

What if you fail to quit or you relapse? Get back on that horse and ride again! If you fear that you can’t stop smoking, make an effort to lessen your nicotine intake as much as possible so that you simply won’t have cravings of that intensity next time you plan to stop smoking cigarettes.

Hopefully you are not asking yourself how to quit smoking anymore. Like the rest, practice makes perfect even when you are trying to give up smoking. Good luck!

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