I Will Quit Smoking!

I have given myself 4 weeks to quit smoking. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge is my hubby is just not quitting, and the man smokes almost two packs per day! Since he is just not quitting with me, meaning he will be quitting by himself since our five year old daughter continues to be telling us to stop.

Quitting Process

I Will Quit Smoking

Fact: Smoking causes many types of cancer, including cancers of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, and cervix, as well as acute myeloid leukemia.

My plan is to publish out my quitting process, to help keep my head in my goal. Hopefully reading this can help others realize they may be ready to make replacement for become a non smoker, and locate the equipment to accomplish their goal. Becoming a non smoker isn’t just regarding the health benefits, however the financial benefits for my family are significant too.

Currently we are living in Dutchess County, NY where cigarettes remain eight dollars a pack after taxes. On average I smoke about half a pack per day. I did the math and yes it stumbled on about thirty dollars a week, and something 120 dollars per month in savings from me quitting alone. If my better half quit it’s about eighty five dollars a week, and three hundred forty 30 days. Combined savings can be near five hundred dollars per month! After physically seeing the savings in writing it really is our best choice to quit.

Show Me the Money

With assistance from media, doctors happen to be in a position to tell the planet how bad for your body smoking truly is. I am not doing this for any medical reason so I am not planning to type in the details of the many various ailments that may affect your system from using tobacco. This is a help guide to make a life-style change and judge to become smokeless. Bedsides saving money I will no more possess a smoke odor that stays on me always. No longer burning myself or my clothing with cigarettes and hot ash.

The best part is finally breaking away from your cliche that smokers are cool! Sometimes I actually feel dumb smoking. Especially being out in the cold, rain, or sweltering heat!

I must admit the reason I decided to suddenly quit smoking, is my five year old daughter explained that I was wrong to get smoking in my pregnancies. The guilt sank in this very moment, and I informed her I promise to stop smoking soon. I’m sure I shouldn’t state this, but I smoked during both my pregnancies and each of my babies were healthy. There were no breathing problems, or low birth weight.

Smoking in Pregnancy

I Will Stop Smoking

Fact: Nearly 8 out of 10 COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) deaths are a result of smoking. Currently, there is no cure for COPD

My second child was over eight pounds at birth, and I smoked more with my second compared to my first! Again I am not saying that it is okay, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone smoke while pregnant, I was lucky, and I could not need to tempt fate again. Some kids are born ill,  so always take all precautions in pregnancy.

Now that my motivation is see-through, and achievement has become set I am finally ready to start the process to improve my lifestyle to become a non smoker! The starting point would be to decide if you happen to be really ready to stop smoking.

The next step is usually to decide if you truly need that cigarette, and what you are going to do if not smoking. This is likely to take some time, as well as a form of reprogramming to possess one’s body trust your head you don’t need to smoke, verses needing to smoke.

There are several quitlines to help those give up smoking. Getting every help that is available is vital! My next article is going to discuss the standard triggers for smoking, and what to do to avoid those triggers. Good luck taking that initial step to quitting, only you can go ahead and take first step.

Submitted by Marie, Buffalo, NY

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