Make Your Guy Quit Smoking

make your guy quit smoking

Fact: Smoking slows down lung growth in children and teens

You are aware that stopping smoking is a personal choice. Everyone knows this. You also realize that you can’t really make anyone do anything that they don’t already feel like doing. You can help them decide though. The fact is, there are many people out there who really wish to quit smoking but for various reasons haven’t succeeded in doing so. Below are five good tips on how to make your guy quit smoking, made for every woman who is with a guy that smokes, and knows that he truly does need to quit, and wants to help him to get things rolling.

Offer Incentives

One of the best things women can do for men when attempting to help them make a move they already want to make, (to give up smoking), is to offer incentives. These incentives would clearly be custom made for the couple involved and may include intimate things in the bedroom, gentle kisses when his breath is clean, encouragement and a lot of touching. You might offer long lasting rewards at the same time, like promises to do a lot of things he likes and fewer of the things that he doesn’t.

Apply Guilt

Sometimes, guys need a good healthy dose of guilt to quit fooling around and cutting off that smoking habit. You can apply well-known guilt techniques like mentioning the cost of the habit, the health problems, and how you hate to think of him getting sick or dying of cancer. As an added touch, if you two have children, they can throw in a few barbs as well.

Just Ask

Sometimes, women put inside their heads that men should just do things automatically without input from them. This makes men think their women don’t care anymore. Instead of that approach, it could be better to inform your guy you do not want him smoking, listing all the reasons, and after that simply asking him to stop.


One novel procedure for helping him stop smoking would be to make it as hard for him as you possibly can make it. If you and your man live together, this can get pretty drastic. You can flush his smokes when you find them; throw out his lighters and ashtrays and won’t be around him when he is smoking. You can also cut on intimate things in the bedroom and insist that he only smokes outside.

Threaten and Punish Him

As a last option, you could possibly head for threats and punishment. As you are his girl, not his mother or boss, your options may be obviously limited, but you’ll find some things you are capable of doing to get his attention. You can quit doing small things for him that he likes and start doing small things that he hates. Also, threaten to run up shopping bills or charge cards. You can stay out late at night and not make sure he understands where you’ve been.

As mentioned these are all last measure forms and unexpected results may occur. Be careful here.

These five good tips on how to get your guy to stop smoking may be used by either girlfriends or wives to help their guy stop smoking. If you are this kind of girl, I hope these tips help you both. Good luck.

Submitted by Charleene, Trenton, NJ

Image: Flickr

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