Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Steps

Using the proper motivation it is possible to stop smoking cigarettes without expensive patches, gums, or lozenges. Even with changes to smoking laws, skyrocketing prices of tobacco, and known health effects, stopping smoking is one of the most difficult challenges you will take in your entire life.

There is a wide range of motivating factors which can be influencing your wish to try and quit smoking but despite all these you can find yourself lighting up a cigarette all over again. Society has changed and smoking is frowned upon but you put up with the looks. When your kid looks at you with disappointing eyes, you try to help them learn tolerance.

Your clothes smell of smoke, you need to do your laundry outside of the rest of the household. None of these helped you in quitting smoking cold turkey before. You might have tried quitting and found yourself gaining weight from eating and found out that food has been a weak substitute for smokes. Maybe your temper beginning to flair from the withdraws effected your social or private life so you relapsed into old patterns.

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Steps

Fact: In 2011, an estimated 19% of U.S. adults were cigarette smokers

Steps to Quitting Cold Turkey

Smoking a pack per day for twenty years I was able to quit cold turkey without the need for expensive tobacco substitutions, patches, tapes, putting on weight, or relapses. Let me show you the steps:

  • Show me the money

Figure out just how much you would spend a day on your own addiction. Do you smoke half a pack, one pack, two? Put the amount right into a money budgeting app. See how quickly that smoke break adds up? At a pack a day average at a cost tag of $7.00 a pack you would have $210.00 extra after the month.

  • What could this money buy?

Maybe you are wanting that new plasma TV, trip to Hawaii, or just a bit more breathing room, no pun intended. When you see what you spend each month with this habit you may invariably choose to spend exactly the same money backpacking across Europe. If you have the cash to perform these already, think of what those funds could do today to improve someone else’s life. The $210.00 I spent a month, would have purchased groceries for an elderly person struggling in the present economy.

  • Say goodbye to smoking

Finishing the pack you happen to be currently focusing on is vital, it offers you closure. As you are taking those long leisurely last puffs, you have to tell yourself this is actually the last time you’ll ever buy a pack. Repeat it mentally like a mantra. This is the last pack you’ll ever buy.

  • Stash the bucks you’d probably spend on the habit

It is basically essential for one to see what you are saving each day. To start, put the money you’ll spend on the pack in a jar. Find a picture that represents what you are saving up for and tape it facing outward from the jar. Every time you are attempting to spend the money you will see that picture as being a reminder of your respective goal. Every day add the amount you’d devote to smoking to the jar.

  • Take no extra cash along on outings

Only take the money necessary for something important. This way the cash carries a purpose and cannot be used on smoking. If you aren’t planning on buying anything while you are out leave all money and credit card in your house.

  • Avoid temptation with activity

Smoking tends to be something to accomplish because you don’t have something to accomplish at the time. Have you ever been so busy at work that you simply did not notice you simply worked 6 hours straight without a smoke break? It can be done. If there is nothing to do – create something to do. Take a class, become familiar with a craft. Volunteer to do something for another person. Spring clean your home from top to the bottom even if it is winter.

cold turkey quit

Fact: Approximately 18% of high school students smoke cigarettes

You will quickly begin to see that jar filled with money at the same time knowing that smoker’s cough has vanished entirely. It has been a couple of years since my last cigarette and I won’t ever smoke again, I know it. It will take time for your cravings to become tolerable. Having a goal you want to meet will keep you on the proper track of quitting smoking for good. All human beings poses an inner strength and you are no different. Good luck!

Submitted by Jason, Baltimore, MD

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