Quit Smoking and Gain Weight

It is a known fact that smoking is among the major reasons why one does not gain any weight. There are many individuals who will deny this fact although the examples are directly in front of our eyes, we see them each day, everywhere. Yes, the celebrities, movie and rock stars, actresses and models. Their smoking habits are renowned. More than 90% of the television stars, actors, models, singers and other celebrities have an heavy smoking habit, which controls their weight. Many people don’t see it because they are not able to see the logic behind the fact.

gain weight

Fact: Smokers are 30% to 40% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than nonsmokers

Nicotine Is Your Chef

The scientific answer is “nicotine“. The more nicotine someone enjoys the harder affect he has on his weight gain. It is because the tobacco has an active element which is acting as a suppressant and limits the appetite. This puts smokers in control of their natural cravings for food, causing fat loss and weight control. Those who are already aware of this fact, yet  wish to know what exactly nicotine does to work as a suppressant, should understand that it tinkers with serotonin and dopamine. Put simply, it messes with the two brain chemicals that activate or deactivate our natural desire for eating. This is just one negative effect on weight caused by nicotine, there are quite a few more.

How to Gain Weight Fast?

All the aforementioned information proves that smoking controls person from getting the necessary calories to gain weight. We all know that giving up smoking is not a one-day task and yes, it can take months for a few. It is something that should be done slowly to keep up with the situation. It is vital to discover alternatives to fulfill your calorie needs as you continue with quitting tasks.

Exercising and fat gain products could be the response to terminate the nicotine’s effect indirectly. Exercising does the contrary to the effects nicotine has; zinc increases the wish to eat and helps an individual to get the calories he couldn’t otherwise. Heavy exercise might be needed for those who desire to put on pounds and tone their body simultaneously. On the other hand, people who just want to fill the cavity left to smoking should only get involved in light exercising.

But this isn’t it, exercising just solves half of the problem; it brings the abnormal eating pattern back to normal, and we have been looking to achieve more than that. We want to gain weight.

Introducing Gain Weight Supplements

While you continue with quitting the smoking habit and exercising to fill the gap, an appropriate weight supplement will assist you to gain the weight you typically wanted. There are many appetite stimulants which can be ideal for different purposes. So far science remains unable to prove any undesired side effects of the supplements. They are available at numerous online stores but make sure to consult with your physician!

If you follow each one of these tips, it will be possible to get enough weight within 2 to 3 months.

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