Quit Smoking Hypnosis

When people come to stop the smoking habit, they’re very ambivalent. For one thing, the cigarette has changed into their good friend. Most people, who may have smoked for a long time, know exactly where their pack of nicotine products is at any given moment.

Importance of Quit Smoking Hypnosis

On the other hand, they are quite aware of the health consequences along with the hazards of secondhand smoke. Quit smoking hypnosis CDs can be handy in helping the part of you who wants to quit to have an upper vote and also to allow you to break the addiction and join the unhooked generation.

How is it accomplished? For one thing, everyone’s motivation to give up is unique. Some wish to save money, and others come to mind in regards to their present health concerns.

quit smoking hypnosis

Fact: 5.6 million children alive today will ultimately die early from smoking

Secondhand smoke is really a concern for still others. It depends how strong your values are which are motivating you to stop. For instance, in case you are only mildly interested in secondhand smoke along with the cigarette being comforting for you personally, the cigarette will win. On the other hand, if you have a youngster who gets sick with all the secondhand smoke, your desire to stop will win.

When there are competing values, hypnosis may help the part of you who wishes to quit in order to grow larger. The quitting values will become more and more valuable to you.
When this occurs, motivation becomes stronger and you successfully quit.

It is important for the hypnotherapist to know all about your smoking habit to be able to assist you to quit. When do you smoke?. Also, why have you come now? What is your existing motivation to give up? How strong can be your belief that hypnosis will work for you? The way that you speak and everything you tell yourself regarding smoking can be utilized in the hypnosis to help you quit. Metaphors and stories that have relevance for a situation can also be useful to raise your motivation to stop.

Have the Right Attitude

If you’re just lukewarm about quitting smoking, you might just quit for a little while and then start smoking once again. This leads to discouragement and feelings of hopelessness. These feelings promote the ‘I don’t care’ attitude. This attitude supports your final decision to keep smoking. It is therefore important to your hypnotherapist to know how many times you tried to quit and what methods were involved. This information helps one to get the way to improve your success.

I had one client who smoked to relax. She was convinced that nicotine helped her relieve anxiety. With education regarding nicotine’s stimulant effects, she surely could give up smoking. She had to learn some coping strategies to manage stress and realize in her own hypnosis that nicotine is a stimulant. Stimulants have the opposite effect. When she had the info that nicotine may not help her to relax, her motivation to give up smoking increased. Another client had emphysema. She had a solid motivation to quit, but was lonely. When strategies were found to assist her to be around people more, her motivation increased and she is currently nicotine free. In conclusion, to enhance your motivation to stop, speak with a hypnotherapist right away.

Submitted by Bob Jones, Fargo, ND


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