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Fact: Smoking causes 1 in every 5 deaths in the U.S. every year

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking or perhaps is wanting to quit knows just how hard it may be to get rid of this habit. The cravings. Those terrible withdrawals. The shakes, sweats, and headaches. Nicotine is to blame for those withdrawal symptoms. It is the addictive chemical it contains that keeps you hooked. Nicotine is the reason it is so difficult to release the smoking habit.

What Are Nicotine Patches?

Once you’ve smoked your last cigarette the nicotine actually starts to leave the body. Due on the addiction your system notices when the degrees of nicotine in your system are becoming lower. Cravings activate and usually you’d light another up. Not when you find yourself quitting though…it is simply not an option. So, you tell one’s body to forget it.

No more nicotine to suit your needs. Then your system generates a migraine saying thanks to you. Luckily for both you and the craving body there’s help! Help comes in the sort of a nicotine patch. Nicotine patches come with different dosage levels.

If you’ve been huge smoker for some time you need to purchase the highest dosage available. If you’ve been the light source smoker for quite a while you’ll want the lowest dosage and if you fall in the middle you’d need to get normally the one in the center.

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Fact: Every day, nearly 4000 teens in the U.S. smoke their first cigarette while 1,000 start smoking on a daily basis

Nicotine patches can be purchased through your doctor or over the counter. Department stores usually carry them. Pharmacies as well. They come in a small, rectangular box and you can usually buy a one months supply. They are affordable and if you think of the agony they can help you save compared to the charge, they are practically free.

Nicotine patches can be like small square stickers. They have adhesive on one hand. You peel from the lime the backing and put it with a place on the body of your respective choosing. Most people pick the upper arm. Very rarely irritation occurs.

If it does you’ll want to discontinue use. Irritation is made up of redness, itching, burning, or swelling. If it’s bothersome call your physician. However, that rarely happens. Most people use patches effortlessly and with success!

How to Quit Smoking Using Nicotine Patches

To be successful with the help of the nicotine patch you must use it. Everyday, not through the night. You must also understand how it works. The nicotine patch contains countless milligrams of nicotine. This may be the same nicotine that is certainly found in a cigarette.

Nicotine is the addictive ingredient in cigarettes, remember, so even though you are not smoking a cigarette the body remains finding a dose of nicotine. This can assist you to succeed in your choice to stop through the elimination of most cravings and withdrawals you will have.

There will nevertheless be some. When one strikes you can “slap” the patch and release a much more nicotine in your system. The nicotine is absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream. A slap towards the patch releases more.

The patch can be dangerous if used improperly. Never use many patches at the same time. Never overnight. Do not smoke a cigarette when using the patch. It can get you to very, very sick.

When used properly, the nicotine patch is surely an inexpensive, convenient way to assist you to kick the smoking habit once and for all. 

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Fact: A single cigarette contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer

It takes about three months to successfully quit while using the patch, for an ex heavy smoker. The first month the greatest dosage is used. Then, the the following month the minimum dosage is used. Last month the smallest dosage.

By the time your fourth month comes your quitting body is used to using low degrees of nicotine rather than smoking physically in any respect. Most important, quitting smoking with nicotine patches comes without a shock to the system. It’s a natural, gradual step down and off from the habit forever! Good luck!


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