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Breaking any type of addiction is no easy task. Cigarettes are no exception. In fact, cigarettes are so addictive, that companies made millions of dollars selling medicines that may help you give up smoking. Even with the numerous choices of aids and therapies available, many are still struggling to break their addiction.

Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

One of the very popular methods to give up smoking is simply by quitting smoking cold turkey. This, I think, is a superb strategy to quit. However it comes with some drawbacks. The biggest obstacle to quitting cold turkey will be the tendency to overeat. Food is often used alternatively for cravings, plus it supplies the hand-to-mouth motion smokers are accustomed to. So, not just have you been putting on the weight, however you are also trying to fight off cravings to smoke while feeling agitated, loopy and tired. No wonder the success rate is so low.

The Fast Strategy

Quitting smoking cold turkey

Fact: More than 16 million people already have at least one disease from smoking

The best strategy to quit smoking would be to fast for 72 hours. I know, you most likely think I’m nuts. How is it possible to deprive one’s body of tobacco and food and NOT die in the process? The reason fasting for 3 days works, happens because it will take your brain off cigarettes and put it on the belly. You’re going to naturally want food, but because you’re fasting you simply can’t have any.

If you  think you may not make it on water alone during your fast, than a juice fast should work as well. I personally drank soy milk every day for my stomach, water throughout the day, as well as a couple servings of juice for my sweet tooth. Drinking a good amount of water as well as other fluids helps to re-hydrate one’s body. This is awesome for smokers since we’re generally very dehydrated people. Another great tip would be to keep yourself busy. Again, staying busy help keep the mind from food and cigarettes. You’ll be surprised about the amount of things you accomplish in a single day!

It’s best to plan for your fast one day ahead, with light and healthy meals. I say healthy meals because your brain will remember everything you ate last and crave that type of food at the end of your fast. Eating light meals the previous day can also help one’s body smoothly transition from eating to not eating. Lastly, on the fourth morning or whenever you break your fast, it is advisable to eat small healthy meals. Your stomach will have shrunk in size by the fourth morning in a way that it can be unhealthy, and uncomfortable, to stuff yourself with food. After a few days your stomach would be the same and you’ll resume eating normal portions. It’s important to be aware that I am NOT a health care provider. Anyone who considers using this method for treatment should consult their physician first.

Handling the Cravings

During your fast, you will find your cravings for cigarettes to get manageable and easy to ignore. I had no issue quitting after 3 days. Relapse, however, is extremely common months down the road if you experience strong cravings to smoke. Fasting will effectively curb your cravings which means you don’t relapse and return to cigarettes. In conclusion, quitting smoking cold turkey is healthy and it worked for me personally. I sincerely hope it works for you too and I wish you best of luck.

Submitted by Patrick, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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