Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking during a pregnancy can make serious problems for a developing fetus and a lot of health campaigns are set up to develop awareness. Not all mothers decide to give up smoking. Some attempt to stop, but feel guilty they are incapable of quitting.

However, it’s not all that bad women trying to quit smoking during pregnancy as it looks at the beginning. Recent studies are showing that quitting in the initial phases of being pregnant could potentially cause little to no trouble for their babies.

Quit Smoking During the Early Stages of Pregnancy

smoking during pregnancy

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Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton in the UK did a report on effects of smoking during early pregnancy. The researchers studied more than 50,000 pregnancies and also the results that originated smoking.

They discovered that when women which stopped smoking cigarettes when they conceived, or once they found out they were pregnant, caused little to no effect on the weight of the babies. In comparison to babies of mothers that didn’t smoke in any way, mothers that stop smoking during the initial phases had babies of similar weight.

This gives encouragement and less guilt to mothers regarding smoking if they are able to quit, since they could. Studies, however, demonstrate that smoking in later stages do have a bad effect on babies.

Professor Nick Macklon is the gynecologist who lead the analysis. He observed the group of mothers which have quit smoking in these early stages of pregnancy and professor. Macklon said, “Not only was birth weight much better in this group than it was in the groups where the mothers had continued to smoke, but we also found that the babies reached the same gestational age and head circumference as those born to women who had never smoked.”

Health Risks of Continued Smoking During Pregnancy

While case study shows that quitting early may not pose harmful effects on a baby, continuing to smoke is shown to pose many risks and problems. Smoking late to the stages of a pregnancy can lead to your baby being born pre-maturely or being underweight. Not only that babies are underweight, they also are apt to have smaller organs.

The babies may also be more likely to have much lower lung capacity and get ill more often. More problems can occur in later childhood by means of ear inflammations and asthma.

Mothers that smoke have less oxygen in their blood because of the higher percentage of carbon monoxide. This blood will be shared with the fetus from the umbilical cord, causing the baby to get less oxygen. Less oxygen inevitably brings about more complications.

How to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

There a wide range of suggestions with regards to stop smoking while pregnant. One option is to plan ahead, as opposed to just throwing away the last pack of cigarettes. It’s suggested to make a plan for quitting and looking to stick to it.

Getting aid from relatives and family is essential. It’s suggested a mother that intends to quit should tell others so that she can get moral support during the transition. It’s also important to discuss this with a doctor for the best results. Most importantly, it is critical to understand the motivation for quitting…you will have a baby!

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