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So, you have made a wise decision to give up smoking cigarettes, Congratulations! You have taken the biggest, and the most important step! Now the next thing is usually to come up with a strategy to help our weak minds and bodies fight this powerful addiction. Some people are fortunate enough to consider the initial step, and then quit cold turkey. We will create a plan.

Quit Smoking Plan

The plan needs to have your decision to give up, as well as your goal timeline to become completely smoke free. The rest of the plan should include ideas to manage the internal and external desire for cigarettes.

quit smoking with a plan

Fact: On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers

First you should create a list of substitutes for smoking. This may include, but is not limited to: joining a gym or club, sports team, completing several types of puzzles, and playing video games and cards. The final preliminary step is always to make sure that you are living in a smokeless environment. This includes your own home, vehicle, and job.

Lifestyle Change

Creating a smokeless environment is the first true change to your smoker life style. This can be very important, as if you do not smoke indoors smoking becomes a hassle. This is especially important if you’re living with a smoker that’s not quitting along. There is not a way to quit while someone is actually blowing smoke in your face. This could also start relationship problems as you want to complete a goal, and it may appear as your partner isn’t supporting you. Another benefit of the non smoking home will be the new lack of odor in rooms and cleanliness of the walls which are not being stained with smoke anymore. This change could be noticed after the first deep cleaning carried out in the house, or changing residences for a fresh start. Smokers and non smokers alike will see the difference immediately, and usually compliment such big positive change.

Making the car smokeless is vital also. This is not supposed to punish the fellow smoker, but to make them understand that you are not kidding about quitting, and you are going to make this a habit in the family’s environment. Let the smoker be aware that when the you or the kids are in the car it must be smoke free. This still offers them freedom to smoke when traveling alone. Also remember that your decision to stop smoking doesn’t provide you with the right to make them feel guilty about not joining you. When they are willing to join you, they’re going to, plus they are going to need your support on the way, not criticism. Give the smoker time and energy to smoke before and after a car trip, so they really don’t feel the neeed to smoke in your vehicle.

Finally, smoking on the job is actually a thing of the past. Non smokers complaining about carbon monoxide smoke makes almost all places of employment a smokeless environment. My husband on the other hand runs the family business so he is allowed to smoke at his workplace. Even in his position I am sure if he really wanted to, he could simply ask that smoking was limited to the outdoor areas. There is never any harm in asking.

After a non smoking environment has become set up, you’ll find the key triggers that remind you that it is time to smoke. This is something different that you should clearly think about when you plan to give up smoking. Each person is unique, and possesses different triggers. After meals, driving, stress, after sex, before bed, when drinking alcohol to name only the most famous triggers. Again, I stated that you will find so many different triggers that make you want to smoke, the master plan needs to be set to handle that desire. Good luck coming with your plan!

Submitted by Cynthia, Hamburg, Germany

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